Friday, November 30, 2012

From Tumblr: Try Firefox OS Now with a Simple Browser Add-on

From Tumblr: Vidyo Telepresence Software puts Video into Wii U Chat

From Tumblr: Dell buys software firm Gale Technologies, forms new 'Enterprise Systems & Solutions' unit - The Next Web

From Tumblr: Twitter Down, Then Up

From Tumblr: Yandex Launches New iPad App to Make Search Faster and Easier

From Tumblr: TouchPal Keyboard Brings Slide Typing to iOS and Android Devices

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From Tumblr: Blogger's Android and iOS apps get landscape composing, Google+ integration, and iPad support - The Next Web

From Tumblr: Global Expansion Cuts Into GREE, as Profits Drop 17.5% QoQ to $197m

From Tumblr: Crunchies 2012 - Nominate oDesk in the Biggest Social Impact category

From Tumblr: Researchers Develop New Protocol That Boosts WiFi Performance by 700%

From Tumblr: Spotify's $3 billion funding round has closed - The Next Web

From Tumblr: IE10 Outperforms IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, but not Chrome 23

From Tumblr: Barnes & Noble Releases Windows 8 NOOK App

From Tumblr: Mobile Web Overtakes Desktops in China

Monday, November 26, 2012

From Tumblr: MinGW - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From Tumblr: Foursquare's Come A Long Way in 4 Years: Look at Its First Prototype

From Tumblr: This Week at Microsoft

From Tumblr: Windows Malware Uses Google Docs as a Proxy to Phone Home

From Tumblr: Microsoft completes its purchase of cloud computing firm StorSimple - The Next Web

From Tumblr: WTF Is 'Infinite Storage'? Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda Explains

From Tumblr: Google's Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 Now On Sale in the US

From Tumblr: Google's Fiber Installations Start Today

From Tumblr: Zynga Loses CFO Dave Wehner to Facebook, Adopts Mark Vranesh

From Tumblr: Real-time war in the age of Twitter

From Tumblr: Snoox's social recommendation platform keeps all of your endorsements personal - The Next Web

Thursday, November 22, 2012

From Tumblr: Taliban Forgets to use BCC, Reveals its Entire PR Mailing List

From Tumblr: China's Sina Weibo Passes 400 Million Users

From Tumblr: The State of E-Commerce In The United States In Q3 2012

From Tumblr: The native Google Maps app for iOS will reportedly have turn-by-turn navigation when launched - The Next Web

From Tumblr: Steven Sinofsky refused to build tablet support for Windows 7, frustrating Ballmer - The Next Web

From Tumblr: Skype Suspends Hijacked Accounts, Asks for Proof of ID

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Tumblr: gcc.help - Re: several newbie questions (spec files, "pathing", static linking, etc) - msg#00344 - Recent Discussion OSDir.com

From Tumblr: Sony's PlayStation 3 Tops 70m in Sales 6 Years After Launch

From Tumblr: Why do I let people talk me into changing the channel?  It must...

on tumblr: http://ernie-cordell.tumblr.com/post/36245138290

Why do I let people talk me into changing the channel?  It must have been a conspiracy.  

I'm looking for the source of some spam: That's the one problem with automatic deletion; you can't figure out from whence they came. I know I can verify and recover -- but if it's a nasty, why would that be a desirable option?

From Tumblr: Eastern Carry Out Washington | Food Delivery | GrubHub

From Tumblr: US Gov Sues eBay

From Tumblr: Citing its SOPA activism, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren asks Reddit for input on copyright legislation - The Next Web

From Tumblr: AppDiaria Confirms LATAM's Appetite For App Discovery