Friday, June 14, 2013

Windows 7: USB Transfers Slow?

Reblogged from Windows 7 -- by Anura Guruge:

If you have noticed that doing any kind of data transfer across USB with Windows 7 is somewhat slow, YOU are not alone.

This is yet another USB related problem in Windows 7.

Yes, we already know that Windows 7 has problems with un-powered USB Hubs ... though I think some of these can be fixed by changing the Windows 7 Power Management option for that USB controller.

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I was looking for something else entirely when I stumbled across this post on this blog and recalled the absolutely wretched performance I had on my Windows 7 Professional for a memory card that I have that uses a small unpowered USB Adapter. I subscribed to Anura Guruge's blog because if this is any indication of the tips I could get, I'm on board!