Sunday, April 22, 2001

Hello, world: This is how I feel today. I'm like that first example program in all the textbooks right now. After playing around with "Internet Technologies" since the early 90s, I'm beginning to discover all of the useful things and apply them to my uses. Chris Pirillo at Lockergnome (The server experienced a period of outages immediately after I posted, wouldn't ya know?) also said that his friends Bill & Pam Gerrard at DNS Central (a domain registration service) have helped him quite a bit. It seemed like more than just a shallow plug to me, so I decided to join in the chorus. I have to produce more revenues (and be willing to say everything that I have to say) before I need to register a domain, but I thought I'd try to encourage others to register with DNS Central, too. My first problem is that my family name was snapped up early in the Internet Gold Rush: Now I have to decide what other name may say what I want to say; and as I've said, I'm not saying it yet. But stay tuned: The "Spyware" subject is beginning to interest me.
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