Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This probably won't become a blog entry.

---------------------How did I know?--------------------
This is notepad operating on mail00003
Write your message here and save the file:
I'm writing my message here and saving the file.

This is posted out of an application that I wrote using Bruce Wampler's "V" GUI generation system. It's a simple app that uses a default configuration file to find its customizable configuration file and determines the directories that it will use for its temporary files and then creates an email message file suitable for use with Outlook Express (or just about anything, in principle).

It queries for email addresses (which is also supposed to be configurable, but I haven't seen those modules in a long time) in a window with form fields, the last of which is the subject of the message.

Finally it offers an editor window (also configurable, I think) for which I have chosen MS Notepad because I wrote the program to queue up a bunch of quick little text notes to people while I was offline, so that when I used the dialup, I could just submit the series of files I had created without the disturbance of a network connection.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it . . .

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