Friday, March 16, 2007

Thanks, Roger,

Hey everybody, come on in, the water's fine!

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Hey Ernie, let me add my congrats on your blog.<br><br>Thanks for introducing me
to the IT Toolbox community, and actually getting me to sign up. The picture
above looks exactly like me, but I may post a lighter one later. <br><br>I
think the Lampoon dog was a Shetland Shepherd. I had one as a kid in
Michigan.<br><br>To your early-referenced question, I think the toughest part
of a SW project for a developer is a lot like the toughest part for a painting
project for a painter, or any other professional. The up front understanding of
the requirements and the preparation should be the toughest part. Otherwise each
successive phase gets harder and harder until you're having to scrape off the
paint (code? data? deliverables? foreign policy?) to fix the defects before you
can exit. But if you make the requirements and planning phase the toughest, the
rest (in my experience) should be easier. It's fun to end on target and exceed
expectations. And fun is the reason we became software engineers, right?
<br><br>Why am I telling you this? I'm sure I learned it from you 30 years ago!
<br><br>Keep those fingers flying and I'll try to keep up.<br>

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