Thursday, April 12, 2007

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It Don't Make Soul
It Don't Make SoulSince I've called this blog The Ghost In The Machine, it is necessary to hail back to the theme occasionally to consider the workings of une force motrice at the root of every creation.... More...
Ernie Cordell (Software Developer)
Jacob Marley's Ghost
Jacob Marley's Ghost When considering logic as a child of philosophy in the context of the culture from which it arose, it is easy to get enmeshed in theology and impute one's fall to sin without the... More...
Ernie Cordell (Software Developer)
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Comment to Jacob Marley's Ghost from Ernie Cordell

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No Sato? Your Investigation May Fail
I used to consider myself a serious Star Trek Fan (I hate the term 'trekie'). However, after Deep Space Nine I wasn't really seeing any Star Trek content that really drew me in. Star Trek Voyager was... More...
Security Monkey (Information Security Investigator)

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