Thursday, May 17, 2007

ITtoolbox: New blog post by Ernie Cordell

ITtoolbox Blog Alert May 17, 2007 
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Spooky Behavior
Introduction to the spookinessIf I'd known I was going, I would have left a note. Really. I wasn't going to post the entry that I wrote below, but a few events, my long absence being among them, persuaded...  More...
Ernie Cordell (Software Developer)

 Today's Most Discussed Entry
 My CSIRT Plan Has Fallen And It Can't Get Up!
If there were a 'horror' category within this blog, I'd put this banana cupboard story in it from an anonymous reader.What happens when you're a security consultant and you're called to assist a huge...  More...
Security Monkey (Information Security Investigator)

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