Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 Things that are about as random as I get.

Rules: Rules? We don't need no stinking rules! Mbuahahaha!! Make up your random facts if you want to do so, otherwise, who am I to ask anything of you? I don't know how to do this and it's taken me too long already.

1. Nothing happened today: In my opinion, God already cancelled it yesterday.

2. I have no plans for the weekend: I'm not going to let God do this twice.

3. I believe in God, but only for referential integrity.

4. I shouldn't be doing this because I should be paying my property taxes, but I'm looking for a place to do it online.

5. When in good health, it takes me 6 seconds to fall asleep.

6. I had over a half-million books until my family home was vandalized, and after the sad triage, I contributed the lion's share to Cunningham Memorial Library.

7. I am possessed with putting periods between enumeration and the corresponding text.

8. I had to Google "Hello Kitty," and I'm still not sure what it is.

9. I have a problem with forgiveness, especially when people tag me.

10. At this moment, some of my hair is still pink.

11. I appreciate country music, but I don't prefer it.

12. I am accepting gifts, particularly heart-and-teddy beary T-shirts.

13. I used to live in a library or two.

14. I have a movement disorder, particularly trouble initiating speech, but most people think it's mental retardation.

15. I type faster than I talk and text slower than I type.

16. I gave up all television for a year: I have a blank spot in the FBI incident in Waco, Texas.

17. I hope to see another President in this country in my lifetime.

18. Sincerity is very important to me, but truth is an ideal and honesty not what it's cracked up to be.

19. I wish my cats were millionaires.

20. I misunderstood the intent of a bartender who tripped and fell into my arms last night.

21. "Casablanca" is doubtlessly the best movie ever.

22. I have a possibly unhealthy obsession with John Cusack

23. I've published technical literature and a poem, but I just want to get beyond the 988/1100pp? of the book I'm rewriting for the third time.

24. My highest cause is just to face every issue the best I can in the moment it is relevant to me.

25. I reject the encumbrance of political correctness.

26. I love women, but I don't pursue them.

27. When I'm drunk, I speak several unknown languages.

28. I am disgusted with celebrity for celebrity's sake, and the famous-for-being-famous.

29. If I can, I do; if I can't, I don't dream.

30. I consider any form of idol-worship dangerous.
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