Thursday, October 13, 2011

Richard Stallman's comments on Steve Jobs

I've found articles on this subject twice and tried to post them to facebook. Facebook refused to post them with the "Something went wrong here and we're working on it" message, which has been its clever refrain for a couple weeks now every time I try to post.

I then posted a "note" with the same result and it didn't even have the decency to preserve my copy. Fortunately I saved my original comment that I had expected to post with the article(s) and here it is:

I understand the backward-looking grief over the loss of our techie-dominated black-or-green-screened havens, but making computing accessible to a larger community did not take that away from us. As much as I'd like to blame Bill Gates (who threw over XENIX for CP/M because of big blue dollars), it was unawareness of learning curves, market share-building and even belief in how much people would spend on the 'toys' of the early era of personal computing. I recall engineers laughing at me when I said we'd all have computers on our desks: "If you expect to have any core, your desk better be as big as this building!" They are the true dinosaurs, now, and so is anyone who opines that reaching a larger community has enslaved us: It didn't stop me from writing console code. If you want to say that using a computer as a typewriter is threading a needle with a sledgehammer, fine: But don't disrespect the guy who took the local traffic out of the fast lane.
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