Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Know Why I Do It

You know that place
Just down the street?
The cozy little diner
Where we used to meet?

I still visit there,
All of the time:
The kids all point,
Like they think it's mine.

I was there again today,
Went in snowblind;
I tracked up the floor,
Waitress said, "I don't mind."

I pretty sure she thinks
I've got a crush on her,
And she's pretty enough
That I feel like a cur.

I never noticed that
The walls in there are grey,
I always thought they were blue
When I knew you were on your way.

I sit and I ask myself
For what I might be waiting:
Then I wonder otherwise
What I might be anticipating.

The people seemed more interesting
When I knew you might be coming,
But I've started that old habit
Where my fingers start drumming.

I remember it as pleasant,
It was cheerful and bright,
Folks lost their sunny dispositions,
All their spirits in a blight.

All the girls used to be pretty,
When they crossed my view,
Now they just try too hard,
To look and act like you.

I got too much sugar in my coffee,
And played with it lukewarm,
I think it made me kinda sick
Or the place has lost its charm.

All the memories that fill the place
Will never make you care,
So I really have to ask myself
Why I keep on going there.
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