Saturday, October 20, 2007

Washington Post: Taking a Whack Against Comcast (and the woman uses a hammer, no less)

Just when I've just about lost all faith in humanity, somebody comes along to restore it. Naturally I don't advocate violent crime, but I wouldn't weep too much about a little more reaction from a public that is served less and less each year (month, week?) and charged more and more. At least she didn't file a frivolous lawsuit: The price tag on that is easily as high and it takes a little bit out of all of us, if not in monetary units, in the dwindling of our independent national character. It's not as though she didn't try to resolve the issue personally first -- the next stop is an arbitrating authority, right? But she didn't sit and whimper or skulk off to let some third party (technically legal paid assassins) take care of her business for her -- she acted. What was the criminal act here? We have myriad agencies milking us for every nickel and dime they can, knowing full well that all they have to do is charge less than it would take to hire a lawyer who can prevent the robbery. I don't think there's much danger I'll steal the thunder of the Post article:
Sometimes truly American virtues arise in outlaws who -- by dint of heroic but questionable endeavors -- display the mettle of the national character.

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