Thursday, July 12, 2001

Ain't It Cool Link

Chris Pirillo [also see]put this in today's Lockergnome Windows Daily [A newsletter For the World's Most Curious Users], but he didn't include a link as he usually does, so I'm including it here for anyone who may have glossed over what they normally might have stopped to investigate:

HARRY KNOWLES \ If you haven't figured it out yet, we're using the space usually reserved for GnomeTERMS [A regular feature of Lockergnome Windows Daily, usually dedicated to technical terms. --EC] to introduce some of the folks who have made the Internet what it is (and what it will be). Ya know, like Harry Knowles, the Internet's first recognized film critic. Well, he's not really a critic, per se, but his site, "Ain't it Cool News" has bucked the system and pumped out movie reviews often before the studio is ready. You see, Harry and his merry band of "advocates" sneak into test screenings and post their reactions to the site: a cornucopia of reviews, gossip, and the latest Hollywood scoops. That's not too bad for a man who lives nowhere near Sunset Boulevard. It just goes to show you how the Internet has obliterated many barriers. Don't remind me of the dancing hamster thing, please. [Credit to Lockergnome]

Aw, c'mon, Chris, I was only tryin' ta help . . .
Ain't It Cool News

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