Thursday, July 19, 2001

Two more biggies gone

In the latest wave of Internet madness, two very useful services have taken their leave for financial reasons. I hope there is some revenue for them somewhere, and some consolation where some reasons may be personal.

I was trying to think of an image for the great drain on venture capital, but none of them were very attractive and I didn't want to insult anyone -- at least not in such a blunt and direct way. It saddens me to think that fear of losing money is what causes so many losses -- and I guess it's just more visible now -- but the investors aren't the only ones who lose when money and/or carpets are pulled from beneath ventures.

The first one to which I refer is Diggit! Image Search Engine, and while I just thought of a real and practical use for it today (while I thought it was neat and all that), I only played with it because I liked it before. Also in the land of Where can I find it? was All-in-One Search Page whose usefulness is hard to dispute. All search engines don't find the same things in the same way (which can get to be an altogether different subject, but I'll practice some discipline today), so it's nice to have a few pages around that submit your queries to a number of different engines, thereby increasing your odds -- that seem to turn maddeningly on a letter or two.

We'll miss ya, folks . . .

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