Wednesday, July 11, 2001

This blogger post (that sounds like a dangerous implement, doesn't it -- I would have made it out of the trenches without a scratch, but here comes this perjoratesian with a loaded blogger post, and sadly, I was never the same after that . . .) is intended largely for Roger Guisinger, but anybody could buy this book.

It reinforces an assertion of mine (I won't mention a word about the effect of patents on creativity -- Oh Blast! Too late.) that originality is over-rated. Well, it doesn't say so in that many words -- good authors usually manage with many fewer words than I use -- even if they don't write in English. The idea of this book isn't too far from what programmers used to complain about all the time when they'd have to move from assignment to assignment reinventing the wheel -- that there are ready solutions for most design problems and it's just a matter of seeing the match between them and applying the prescribed technique.

Sure, I could have joined an affiliate program, but how many people have visited this page so far?

I'd make millions, of course -- but that would be too easily. Roger would catch on right away.
Amazon.com: buying info: Design Patterns

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