Thursday, January 11, 2007

Digg Story: Another Loss For GPLv 3? Is the Free Software Concept being murdered?

Let's try it this way: I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out what interface is going to work to post from digg.com to the new Google Blogger Blog. I hope more Internet companies achieve viability soon. I may have trouble pronouncing the problems I'm having, let alone solving them. Now I'll have to go back to my email to see whether I can find the message I got when I asked whether anyone had a new status on the changes necessary to make a post from digg.com to the Google Blogger Blog. That's enough for today.

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"Another Loss For GPLv 3? Is the Free Software Concept being murdered?"
MySQL adjusts its license to prevent automatic failover to GPL v3. Call it the 'uncertainty' clause. This doesn't even look legal to me: How is it possible to take a product that has enjoyed the contribution of innumerable collaborators and then sell their work as though it were your exclusive property? MySQL was originally a teaching exercise.
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