Friday, January 12, 2007

Re: Is there a fix to get Digg "Blog This" to work with new Blogger?

This was the first reply that I got, which is what inspired me to blog via
email to my http://ecordell.blogspot.com blog. Somehow I got the blog to
appear on my Google homepage, but I don't see a way to verify the xml-rpc
link there so that I could try it manually.

I can find the http://ecordell.blogspot.com/atom.xml link, and I tried using
that one in the xml-rpc field for a manual setup, but that's when I got the
error that I mention in the blog.

Well, like other people, I have bigger fish to fry at the moment,
--- benbabooey <noreply@googlegroups.com> wrote:

> nope.. i checked the other day, still not working. SO many sites have
> fixed this (flickr, etc) - i dont see why they cant just change it :-\
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