Friday, January 26, 2007

Browse below for the long history of posts. Even a temporary
workaround would be nice.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ^Ernie^
Date: Jan 26, 3:38 pm
Subject: Is there a fix to get Digg "Blog This" to work with new
To: Publishing Trouble

Has everyone given up yet?

There are a couple of other things that I'd like to point out for
anyone who is listening:

(1) It is a well-known fact with clear evidence, present problems and a history of malfunction that this problem exists and has a specific and known nature to users and likely a known source and concrete reason for digg/blogger technical staff (Personally, I've been hoping that it is a transitional issue until blogger can drop the dual redirecting login, but lately it would appear that digg would rather have to deal with the duality and work with blogger on a solution).

(2) Why is it that I have one login to "all things Google," but whenever I move between services, I have to login all over again? Migrations and mergers can be difficult, but if you can't deal with the workload, pass on the acquisition or your stockholders will lose confidence, which translates to a lower-valued venture.

Thank you, Landus, for allowing me to use this reply to speak to the
broader community.

Just another blogger blogger,

On Jan 19, 3:03 pm, lordkosc wrote:

> no fix yet..... i am getting the same error....... :(

> Landus wrote:
> > Does anyone know if Digg has fixed this, or if another way to get Digg
> > to work has been found?

> > -- Chris

> > ^Ernie^ wrote:
> > > This was the first reply that I got, which is what inspired me to blog
> > > via
> > > email to myhttp://ecordell.blogspot.comblog. Somehow I got the blog
> > > to
> > > appear on my Google homepage, but I don't see a way to verify the
> > > xml-rpc
> > > link there so that I could try it manually.
> > > I can find thehttp://ecordell.blogspot.com/atom.xmllink, and I tried
> > > using
> > > that one in the xml-rpc field for a manual setup, but that's when I got
> > > the
> > > error that I mention in the blog.

> > > Well, like other people, I have bigger fish to fry at the moment,
> > > Ernie
> > > --- benbabooey <[email address]> wrote:

> > > > nope.. i checked the other day, still not working. SO many sites have
> > > > fixed this (flickr, etc) - i dont see why they cant just change it :-\

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> > > KiddWhiz wrote:
> > > > still not working......anyone know how to setup the new Blogger
> > > > manually in Digg? Even YouTube doesn't work.....it's the same company!- Hide quoted text -- Show quoted text -- Hide quoted text -- Show quoted text -

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